Crafting Connections: Highlights from Ta-Daan's Pop-Up Event at MAUA

Mar 29, 2024

Join me for a quick recap of the recent showcrafting extravaganza hosted by Ta-Daan at MAUA in Porta Garibaldi! As a ceramic decorator and one of Ta-Daan's Ambassadors, I had a blast connecting with visitors who stopped by to personalize their plates in their favorite colors.


The event was a whirlwind of creativity and laughter, with each interaction adding a special touch to the experience. Plus, I couldn't believe my luck when I realized I was perfectly coordinated with the event's carpet – talk about a fun coincidence!


In short, it was an unforgettable day filled with heartfelt connections and ceramic magic. Kudos to Ta-Daan for organizing such a fantastic event, and a big thank you to everyone who joined us!


Stay tuned for more ceramic adventures and meaningful connections in the future.