Pasquale Monda for MUSÆ

Jun 4, 2023

Watch now the NAPOLI23 Video!


Introducing Pasquale Monda, a talented content creator who has captured the essence of Napoli in his viral and beautiful videos. Born and raised in Napoli, Pasquale has been dedicated to showcasing the various facets of this city since 2020, highlighting its art, culture, and the numerous contradictions it holds. From vibrant neighborhoods to residential areas, narrow alleyways to majestic squares, decaying structures to modern skyscrapers, subcultures to art and culture, and the juxtaposition of the sea and hills, Napoli embodies extremes in both positive and negative aspects. Pasquale finds himself endlessly fascinated by it all.


We are delighted to collaborate with Pasquale as he provides us with exclusive footage of the launch of the NAPOLI23 Plates. His work truly captures the spirit and energy of the city, and we were immediately drawn to the passion and authenticity he brings to his craft.


Through this collaboration, we aim to celebrate the rich heritage and unique character of Napoli, as well as promote the significance of the NAPOLI23 Plates. We believe that Pasquale's creative vision and storytelling abilities will captivate audiences worldwide, allowing them to experience the enchantment of Napoli from wherever they may be.


Stay tuned for the release of Pasquale Monda's video capturing NAPOLI and get ready to embark on a visual journey through the heart of this extraordinary city.


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