A Magical Collaboration: Musae and The Appuntamento Join Forces

Dec 1, 2023

Are you ready for a culinary experience like no other? Let me take you behind the scenes of an exciting collaboration between Musae and The Appuntamento, a charming locale in Rome with a strong aesthetic flair.


When I first spoke with Iole, the mastermind behind The Appuntamento, she shared the story of how the concept came to be. We quickly discovered that we share a favorite song: "L'Appuntamento" by Ornella Vanoni. This instant connection sparked the idea for a unique dining experience that would surprise and delight guests.


Together, we crafted a concept where each meal ends with a special surprise, revealed only after the last bite is savored. The atmosphere at The Appuntamento is truly enchanting, making it the perfect setting for our collaborative events and workshops.


Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations and surprises in store at The Appuntamento. We can't wait to share this magical journey with you.


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Stay tuned for more updates and events!