Musae Studio's Special Collaboration with ART FOR AUTISM: Bringing Art and Advocacy Together

Apr 2, 2024


Are you ready to make a difference while adding a touch of beauty to your life? Musae Studio is thrilled to announce our special collaboration with Art For Autism, an innovative platform dedicated to supporting the ASD community through art.

At Musae Studio, we have a unique offering - the Tommy's Essential plate, inspired by Tommy, an enthusiastic young autistic individual with a fondness for ketchup and brioches. As part of our collaboration with Art For Autism, we will be showcasing a curated selection of Musae Studio's plates on their platform, with a percentage of the proceeds donated to the ASD cause.

About Art For Autism:

 Art For Autism is not just an art marketplace; it's a movement. Dedicated to raising funds to support the ASD community, their platform features a diverse range of artwork from artists worldwide, including photographic prints, original art, and ceramics - like those from Musae Studio. By purchasing art through Art For Autism, customers have the opportunity to make a positive impact while adding unique pieces to their collections.

In addition to their online marketplace, Art For Autism organizes events, exhibitions, and auctions to further their cause. They are committed to recognizing exceptional talent and celebrating originality, quality, and diversity within the art community.

Art For Change:

 Through their efforts, Art For Autism envisions a future where every child on the autism spectrum has access to the support they need to thrive. With 100% of their proceeds directed towards raising awareness, providing training, and offering essential funding for families embarking on their early intervention journeys, they are revolutionizing the ASD landscape in the UK.

Join Us in Making a Difference:

 Every art piece acquired from AFA Gallery brings us one step closer to achieving this reality. Purchase art from Musae Studio's curated selection on Art For Autism's platform and make a positive impact today!

 Let's create change together through the power of art and advocacy.

 You can contribute to the cause by purchasing the plate directly on the Art For Autism platform HERE.

Warm regards,


Founder Musae Studio